We were blessed to have Dr. Pribbenow, Dr. Boe, and Dr. Veum from the Lutheran Brethren Seminary with us for our Next Gen Ministry Conference on April 23, 2022. We enjoyed a day of fellowship and insightful teaching!

Video recordings of the conference sessions are available below.


Conference Sessions

  • Studying the word

    by dr. Brad pribbenow


    Jesus' Bible, The Church's Bible, and My Bible: An Introduction to the Structure, Content, and Translation of the Bible

    This session will explore the origin of the Old and New Testaments and the relationship between them. Why do we have so many different Bible translations? What are the differences between them? 

    Session 1 Handouts


    “Everything Written About Me…” – Reading the Old Testament with Jesus at the Center

    How do we read the Old Testament as Christians? Can we really “find” Jesus in the Old Testament? This session will explain why and how to read the Old Testament with Jesus at the center.
  • teaching the word correctly

    by Dr. Eugene Boe


    The Relationship Between Repentance, Faith, Justification, and the Forgiveness of Sins

    Did God forgive the sins of the world when Jesus died on the cross? Or does he forgive our sins when he creates faith in the gospel in us and we repent? 

    Session 3 Handout


    The Relationship Between Infant Baptism and Adult Faith

    Do we point adults needing assurance to their baptism or the Cross?

    Session 4 Handout

  • Preparing the Lesson

    by Dr. David Veum


    Finding the Preaching/Teaching Point in Scripture and Relating it to the Gospel

    This last session will explore a way to find the teaching/preaching point in a section of scripture and to relate that point to the learner's need to repent, trust in God's promises in the gospel, and follow Christ in discipleship.

    Session 5 Handouts