Adult Sunday School

We are offering Adult Sunday School from 1517 Academy. There are two meeting times available, Sunday mornings at 9:30 as well as Wednesdays at noon. Please sign up below. A Zoom link will be sent to participants. We plan to watch the video together in class each week followed by discussion, so you do not need to individually register for the course with 1517 Academy.

Christ in the Old Testament

Led by Pastor Ed Nugent on Zoom at the following times:

Sundays at 9:30 AM or Wednesdays at Noon

Why read the Old Testament now that we have the New Testament? When we're reading the Old Testament, we're reading a book that is all about Christ. When Christ talked about himself, and when his earliest believers talked about who he was and what he was accomplishing through his acts of salvation, they referred to the Old Testament. We will explore the beautiful Christology that is layered in the Old Testament stories, prophecies, and psalms.

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