We were blessed to have Dr. David Veum, Dr. Brad Pribbenow, and Dr. Joel Christenson from the Lutheran Brethren Seminary as well as Pastor Tony Rogess from Triumph West Church and Mike Hussey and Chelce Detert from Our Redeemer's Church with us for our Discipleship Conference on April 20, 2024. We enjoyed a day of fellowship and insightful teaching!

Video recordings of the conference sessions are available below.



  • Dr. Dave Veum

    Professor of Practical Theology, Luthern Brethren Seminary


    The Next Generation: Encouraging the Call to Follow

    Our Lord commands us to ask Him to send workers into the harvest, but how do we encourage this call to enter the harvest, especially with our children and teenagers and young adults? How do we recognize those with gifts for ministry and encourage them to follow our Lord's call?

    SESSION 1 Presentation

  • Dr. Brad Pribbenow

    Professor of Old Testament & Dean of students, Lutheran Brethren Seminary


    Worship as Discipleship: How to Steward the Shaping Power of Worship

    Worship is a gift that God has given to His church, so how we worship matters because of the power it has to shape the way we think and live. In this session, Brad will be helping us to explore the shaping power of gathered worship and how we can thoughtfully reflect our theological convictions through our planning and leading. 

    SESSION 2 presentation

  • Mike Hussey

    Bible Teacher, OUr Redeemer's Christian School

    SESSION 3 - Men's Breakout Session

    Being Discipled by The Word: Reading Scripture in It's Context

    Mike will be leading us through an examination of several commonly misunderstood passages in scripture. By helping us to understand both the original context of the scripture and the context we bring with us to the scriptures, Mike will show us how we can be better prepared to engage with the scriptures as a holistic document that leads us to Jesus. 

  • Chelce Detert

    Seminarian & lay leader, Our redeemer's CHURCH

    SESSION 3 - Women's Breakout Session

    Simple Discipleship: Moving from I to We

    Chelce will be teaching on 1 Corinthians 2:1-7 and examining how Paul moves from his own personal story, "I", to the communal story of the church, "we." Chelce will be helping us reflect on these simple words of wisdom and how they encourage us to rest in the power of God to not only disciple us, but to help us disciple one another.

  • Tony Rogness

    Campus Life Pastor, Triumph West Church


    Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together

    The call to follow Jesus is what we're supposed to do, but what does this look like and how does it happen? The complexity of the task can seem overwhelming, but during this session, Tony will help us focus not on the pieces, but on the wholistic image that disciples of Jesus are called to reflect. 

    SESSION 4 presentation

  • Dr. Joel Christenson

    Professor of Mission and Evangelism, Lutheran Brethren Seminary


    The "Nones"

    In this session we'll be looking at the "nones", those who answer "none" when asked about their religious affiliation. They're the fastest growing religious demographic in America today. In this session, we'll be learning about new research that helps us better understand who the nones are and what some churches are successfully doing to reconnect with them and ultimately bring them back into relationship with Christ.

    SESSION 5 presentation