It means "alone" but it doesn't mean that we are alone. The Sola's represent where we can place our hope - in Christ, through Faith, because of Grace, trusting the Scriptures to the Glory of God.

This year in True North, our high school students will engage with the five topics and what they have to say about their identity in Christ. At our monthly Large Group gatherings, students will be taught on one of these topics that will set up the rest of the month. We are also introducing two new aspects to True North - Small Groups & Community Groups. Small groups will meet once a month and will engage with the text & topic on a personal level and are made up of 3-5 students and 1-2 leaders. Once a month, small groups will also meet in 1 of 3 Community Groups which are made up of 15-18 students and 2-3 leaders and will provide an awesome opportunity for discussion and further training on the topic. Along with these 3 groups, there will always be something awesome every month for all True North High Schoolers to gather, spend time together, and invite friends.

I am so excited about what the new school year is going to bring and what it is going to mean for your teenager. Thank you for involving your child in True North.


13th - Large Group Kickoff - 8:15pm in Youth Room @ Our Redeemer's

24th - High School Dinner Party @ Olson's (101 28th St SW)- 5pm


4th - Large Group Gathering - 8:15pm in Youth Room @ Our Redeemer's

20th-22nd - High School Fall Retreat - @ Shepherd's Hill


1st - Large Group Gathering - 8:15pm in Youth Room @ Our Redeemer's


6th - Large Group Gathering - 8:15pm in Youth Room @ Our Redeemer's

17th - Pink Candle Party